About Me

Game Developer / 3d Modeler / Sound Engineer / Music Composer
Graduating in 2022 with a bachelor of science and degree in GIMM (Graphics, Interactive Media, and Mobile technologies)
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Past Projects

Castle Defense

An individual game made using Adobe Animate. The gamemplay is a tower defense game where you click on the enemies to defeat them, and earn money to purchase towers.

  • Created all art assets
  • Learned how to program in Actionscript 3.0
  • Learned Adobe Premiere Pro to create trailer
GIMM Party

The collaborative efforts of 4 developers that is a 2 player party game in which players take turns rolling dice and playing minigames to earn points.

  • Created a quick-time event minigame individually (Shown in image)
  • Made contributions to map creation and dice rolling
  • Helped conceptualize ideas for gameplay
Emoji Place

A mobile app that functions as a quick review site, giving the user the ability to place down emojis in any given area to give their thoughts in a quick, easy, concise manner. Done in collaboration with a partner.

  • Created the website for the app
  • Conceptualized the idea for the app
  • Helped implement Google Maps API
Mosquito Eater

An AI-powered ML Agent in which a bat flies around and tries to prevent the mosquitos from biting the humans sitting around the campfire.

  • Created the reward system for the AI
  • Trained the AI
  • Other group members created art assets and helped conceptualize ideas
Gotta Go Fast

A group project that was created using the Unreal Engine. The game is a simple racing game where you must race to the finish line, picking up batteries along the way to prevent you from running out of fuel.

  • Learned Unreal Engine and C++
  • Created the track model in Blender
  • Created all textures in Substance Designer
Bumper Bots

A 2-player game in which players must go around gathering gears and bringing them back to their home base to earn points. Players can ram their opponent in order to make them drop gears.

  • Wrote some of the scripting
  • Took on a leadership role and kept team members on track
  • Delegated tasks to team members
litt'er ride

A project for a professional client (Discovelo) where the player rides an exercise bike and plays minigames that go along with it. The player goes through several different environments and can create their own character.

  • Created and textured assets for the character creator and environments
  • Composed and created music for the game that went unused in the final build
  • Learned how to work with a client in a professional setting
Untitled Boat Game

This game was created as part of a 24 hour game jam, so it is not a completely finished product. This project did give a good insight into working on a very strict timeline.

  • Created and textured the environment and water and floating crates
  • Programmed buoyancy physics for the floating crates
  • Conceptualized the game and instructed team members
Bartending Game

An individually-made virtual reality training simulator for bartenders that instructs them on how to make mixed drinks. The player is judged on how well they create the drink, and given a score based on their accuracy.

  • Created all of the assets and textures and lighting myself
  • Wrote all of the scripting
  • Learned to develop applications for VR

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